MDH 55 | Travel Blogger Tips

    You can always do what you love and still make a living. Victoria Wieck introduces Isabel Leong, a successful travel blogger who loves giving tips to help others succeed. Isabel became a travel blogger by following her passion for curiosity and travel. She learned how to get her blog noticed on the Internet […]

MDH 54 | Amplify Your Brand

Your brand is the epitome of your business. It is what makes you unique and what attracts people to your product. So, what can you do to attract people? How do you amplify your brand? Victoria Wieck discusses this and more with the founder of PodMatch, Alex Sanfilippo. Alex discusses his early forays into entrepreneurship, […]

MDH 53 | Dream Exchange

  As an entrepreneur, it’s very important that you know why you are doing what you’re doing. Because that is what investors will look at. If you are a small business trying to raise capital, then this episode will be a treat! Funding the future, Joe Cecala founded Dream Exchange. And he sits down with […]

MDH 52 | Corporate Storytelling

  Storytelling is all about answering your audience’s biggest questions and dilemmas. Corporate storytelling makes you more relatable to customers and investors. In fact, you won’t be remembered for your business model; you’ll be remembered for your story. Discover the ins and outs of storytelling with your host Victoria Wieck and her guest Donna Griffit. […]

MDH 51 | Conflict-Free Diamonds

  Behind the glimmering beauty of diamonds is the uncomfortable truth of what it truly takes to produce just a single piece of this stone. Victoria Wieck unveils the curtain about conflict-free diamonds, explaining how one piece of paper cannot guarantee that its production has no legal issues. She discusses how child labor, smuggling, civil […]

MDH 49 Mike Kavanagh | Coach’s Plan

  Most humans are, well, human. People’s productivity tends to ebb and flow with their motivation levels. Their ability to implement and stick with personal habit changes is as variable as their shifting moods. So how do you get people motivated? We answer these questions and more in this episode as Victoria Wieck talks to […]

MDH 47 | Entrepreneurship

  Entrepreneurship is a great equalizer and can be a great tool to uplift people from generational poverty. So how does one build a thriving business in this current economy?  We’ll tell you how as Victoria Wieck talks to CEO, entrepreneur, and author John Meese about how to launch a successful business. John and Victoria […]

MDH 46 | Mindset And Emotional Mastery

  Do you need the motivation to excel and live your dream life? Tune into this episode as the CEO and founder of the One Thought Away Project,  Kerry Tepedino, discusses strategies that we can execute to accomplish our goals, enrich our mindset, and bring positive energy to the people around us. She shares the […]

MDH 45 | Renting Dresses Platform

Did you know that you can actually make a profit just by renting out dresses? And did you know that you can do that on your own with your own wardrobe? Designerex is the platform to do it. It’s a technology platform that enables women to earn rental income from their designer outfits, as well […]

MDH 44 | Hypnosis

  Fear can cripple a person and their potential for success. With hypnosis and hypnotherapy, you can rewire your subconscious and unleash the better you. In this episode, Victoria Wieck sits down for a discussion with hypnotherapist, life coach and author Victoria Gallagher as they talk about hypnosis and rewiring your mind. Listen as they […]

MDH 43 | Small Business Intellectual Property

Patents, trademarks, and copyrights serve to protect intellectual property for your small business. Intellectual property is the ownership of ideas in the legal world. In this episode, Victoria Wieck’s guests are Richard Gearhart, a respected patent attorney and provider of great intellectual property strategies, and Elizabeth Gearhart, the Chief Marketing Officer at Gearhart Law. Richard […]

MDH 42 | Video Marketing

  Video marketing is the new way of business today. Back then, only a few had a television. Now, everyone has a screen in the palm of their hands. In this episode, Victoria Wieck brings in Suzanne Glover to talk about the importance of video as a medium for putting out your expertise into the […]

MDH 41 | Exit Strategy

  Part of the life cycle of a business is the founder’s inevitable exit from the company. To make sure that you are able to make the most of your business, you need to have an exit strategy. In this episode, Victoria Wieck talks about selling a company with the president of Provenance Hill Consulting, […]

MDH 40 | Innovation

There’s no limit to how much you can scale your business if you know how to innovate. In this episode, special guest West Stringfellow discusses the innovation process he found works for almost any business. West is the Founder and CEO of HowDo, a self-guided innovation training program. West has worked for and helped grow […]

MDH 39 | Social Media Identity

When it comes to social media marketing, entrepreneurs need to show their identities. They need to show their face, personality, and heart. When people connect to those things, they will connect to you. There are many more factors that play into the social media marketing game. Join your host, Victoria Wieck and her guest David […]

MDH 38 | Build A Website

  Small businesses crash and burn every now and then. One of the reasons why they fail is their lack of a website. If your business doesn’t have a website, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Learn why a website is integral to your brand and how it can make more people aware of your […]

MDH 37 | Sales And Marketing Trends

  You don’t always need to follow today’s sales and marketing trends to make that first sale. Sometimes, you need to take a different approach to your business. In this episode, Victoria Wieck discusses trends in sales and marketing and why these trends don’t always apply. Victoria talks about building your brand and gives tips […]

MDH 36 | Publish A Book

  Do you have what it takes to author a book? The process doesn’t just end after you’ve written it. You still need to publish and market your book for your message to reach its intended reader or audience. How do you do that? Today’s guest, Mario Fachini, has all the answers you need. Mario […]

  No matter what happened to us in the past, we could always start all over again. If we want to be financially stable and start up a business, it’s still possible despite the tough circumstances we have gone through. Daniel Blue proves to us that it’s possible for anybody to follow his dreams regardless of […]

MDH 34 | Defining Success

  Our definition of success can make or break how we live our lives. Success is often associated with achievements, money, and fame. However, success is also found in failure. Marnie Swedberg is an author, speaker, mentor, and the Founder and Director of the Christian Women’s Speakers Directory. She joins Victoria Wieck to share her story of […]

MDH 33 | Entrepreneurship Mistakes

  A lot of people want to give entrepreneurship a try, but sadly most of them do not even get a chance to take off. Many commit the same entrepreneurship mistakes repeatedly, blocking their path towards success. Victoria Wieck delves into the top five reasons why startup businesses fail, which she personally experienced and overcame. […]

MDH 32 | Generate Leads

  This pandemic showed us that more than just surviving in business, we also need to thrive. However, this has proven to be easier said than done. But while it is so, it is nevertheless not impossible. Join Victoria Wieck and guest, Visionary Marketing Coach Leon Streete, as they share marketing strategies that can help generate […]

  Why do you have no money despite working so hard? Becoming successful can be easy or hard; it all depends on how you show up in the world. The show’s guest today is Steve Sims, who from a bricklayer ends up working with ultra-successful icons of our time. Like Elton John and Elon Musk, […]

  Stories have become a part of people’s lives even when we were kids, where we enjoy listening to children’s books. As we grow up and learn how the world works, we should be aware that stories are still an important part of our everyday lives, even as entrepreneurs. Join Victoria Wieck in this episode […]

MDH 29 Dr. Roseann Capanna Hodge | Child Mental Health

It is often said that you are only as happy as your happiest child. That’s why when parents pay little to no attention to child mental health, you can expect that it will hurt their own lives as well. Victoria Wieck sits down with Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, a trailblazer on a mission to change everyone’s […]

MDH 28 | The Bezos Letters

  If it’s better for customers, it would be better for Amazon. Amazon’s success was largely founded on this principle by its creator, Jeff Bezos. In this interview with Victoria Wieck, Steve Anderson, the best-selling author of the book The Bezos Letters, talks about how Bezos built his company based on his obsession over customers. […]

Mitchell Creasey, aka the President’s coach,  is an award winning executive coach who helps business leaders actually enjoy what they’ve built!  In this episode Mitchell shares his experiences coaching highly successful entrepreneurs how to live life abundantly with health, wealth, and thriving personal relationships. Coach Mitchell works closely with leaders from banking to tech and has appeared […]

Matt Franklin is a serial entrepreneur who invented and co-invented multiple products, including PostureNOW, which earned him a Shark Tank appearance and has become a multi-million-dollar selling product. He’s helped numerous budding inventors get their product to market. Matt is also a seasoned investor and over the last five years has been helping other entrepreneurs […]

In this episode, Victoria Wieck shares how she built her multimillion-dollar, globally recognized brand. In other words, she explains what it took to start a business with no money, sustain it, then grow it.

Victoria Wieck discusses the challenges, rewards, and the privilege of entrepreneurship. She analyzes what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. In this episode she offers these tips and more – managing fears, adding value to your life as well as others, and surrounding yourself with people smarter than you.

In this episode, Brimstone, who went from a pro wrestler to a voiceover actor, to a comic book hero, to a food critic, shares how he made millions with all of his passions over time. Brimstone’s notable nationally televised appearances include WWF Superstars, and MTV’s TRL as well as countless appearances on national and local […]

In this episode, Mike Duffy, the CEO of Happiness Wealth Management. Mike started The Happiness Hall Of Fame to recognize, encourage and celebrate people and organizations that make other people happy. Members of The Happiness Hall Of Fame include: Muhammad Ali, Dolly Parton, Jerry Rice, Serena Williams, The Golden State Warriors, The San Francisco Giants, The […]

Beate Chelette, named one of the 50 most must-follow women entrepreneurs by Huffington Post, shares how she went from a rebel with no money to a successful entrepreneurs. She founded a company by unleashing her passion, photography, and sold it to Bill Gates.

Victoria shines a light on Emma, a friend who turned an unfathomable betrayal info a gift. She handled her painful betrayal into a gift.

Celeste Hilling is the founder and CEO of Skin Authority, which revolutionized the skin care industry. Skin Authority delivers the key ingredients your skin needs and delivers it in precise doses that your skin care needs. She shares her extensive knowledge about skincare.

In this episode, Victoria shares her interview on The My Future Business Show with host Rick Nuske. Victoria shares what she had to do to achieve a balance between working and living life, and the techniques she uses to overcome personal and professional obstacles. The key is family, tenacity and persistence, and having a very […]

Victoria Wieck contributes the explosive growth of her business to $500 million, in part, to her negotiating skills. As our world moves toward the new normal, everything is up for negotiation. Victoria shares the secret sauce to negotiating what you want out of life.

Holly Perkins is a fitness guru, had been featured in magazines like SELF, Shape, Women’s Health, Prevention.  She has trained many celebrities including Howard Stern. She is the author of the best-selling book, Lift to Get Lean, and is the creator of the Nutrition Project.

Victoria Wieck shares her pro tips on dealing with difficult people. She has faced difficult people throughout her career and shows you how to deal with them. Victoria takes out all the guesswork and shares her top 5 tips on the subject.

A trip to Thailand, exploring the culture and the foods, Daniel Green realized that you don’t have to lose the flavor in order to lose the weight. The ingredients they were using inspired him to cook, which became his passion and in return began his career as chef and author.  Listen as we discuss the joy […]

Kelly Falardeau is a best-selling author, a burn survivor with over 75% of her body, and a top-ten most influential speaker. Kelly’s journey from a victim to a survivor, a highly business owner, keynote speaker, and an advocate shows how one woman’s determination help heal and change lives. Kelly is an author of 7 books, […]

Victoria Wieck shares practical tips on smart ways to help your business survive the challenges of 2021, and beyond. She shows how two different businesses have successfully pivoted their businesses to not only survive the unique, and deeply painful challenges of 2021, but to thrive no matter what comes next.

Michele Lau is an icon in the Shopping TV industry with over 20 years of live tv performances. Millions of women who have watched her on TV do not know that Michele is legally blind, and what type of preparation she does for each show. In today’s episode, she details her amazing journey of overcoming […]

The show’s host, Victoria Wieck shares how to use social media in business. Victoria discusses how she built a large and loyal social media following for her business. Watch for Victoria’s upcoming book, Million Dollar Hobbies.

Victoria Wieck offers tools and tips for dealing with feeling overwhelmed. She is a mom, and CEO of several highly successful companies and knows first-hand how easy it is to get overwhelmed, stressed-out and unproductive. She discusses how to work less hours and get more done and eliminate stress. Victoria is the author of the […]

Tonia De Cosimo is the president of the P.O.W.E.R., a professional women’s organization and editor of the P.O.W.E.R. magazine. She discusses surviving and thriving for small business owners in challenging times. Tonia’s interviews with iconic women such as Susan Lucci, Joy Mangano, and others have inspired women all over the world. Ms. De Cosimo can […]

Victoria Wieck talks about how to achieve happiness which requires constant effort. She goes through a series of realistic steps to gain happiness for you and your family by focusing on positivity even during times when things are out of your control. Sign up for Victoria’s upcoming book, Million Dollar Hobbies at

Victoria Khuong is the host of the Divine Sexuality Podcast and an author of the book “In a Matter of Seconds” She discusses how embracing femininity, intimacy, and sexuality live a more fulfilling life both at work and at home. Victoria helps women deal with overwhelm, body shame, and low self-esteem. Victoria can be reached […]

Michelle is a Podcast Producer, Founder of Amplifyou, her and her team have launched over 200 podcasts for Experts, Authors, Coaches and speakers. Michelle shares with us how her family sold their house in the city and moved to their off the grid property which is boat access, meaning she has to take a boat […]

Ms. Rhonda Y. Williams, an international speaker, and the author of 4 best-selling books on topics ranging from coping with stress to emotional intelligence. Rhonda’s professional experience include Chief Nursing Officer, and Hospital Chief Executive Officer, and has helped her patients, clients, co-workers, as well as her private clients to deal with stress. she shares […]

Victoria Wieck begins the show with a poem by Langston Hughes about what happens when our dreams die. She continues with a story about herself as a little girl living in South Korea, yearning to find out what was beyond the horizon, and wondering if America, the promised land, a place where all dreams can […]

Melissa Del Torro Shaffner, an author, professional voiceover actor, mom, and a podcaster, shares her life story. After working as an engineer for many years, Melissa was still searching for emotional fulfillment and happiness. She left a secure, high paying career in search of her dream life as a voiceover artist which allowed her to […]

Hello, I’m Victoria Wieck, a successful entrepreneur, a TV personality, and the author of the upcoming book, Million Dollar Hobbies, and I am so excited to share with you my journey from a penniless immigrant to building a business that has generated more than $500 million dollars in sales. When I immigrated to America as […]