by Victoria Wieck

Shattered Sky is a 95,000-word Young Adult Science Fiction featuring a multiracial heroine. Shattered Sky is THE CHILD THIEF meets THE HUNGER GAMES.

In the year 2046, the Third World War breaks out, killing millions of people instantly and leaving millions of people injured. The survivors face shortages of food, water, medicine, and breathable air. Seventeen-year-old Sky lives peacefully on a tiny island with her family until her father is murdered and her younger sister, Leila, is kidnapped. Sky has no choice but to risk everything—including leaving behind her mother, who lives in fear of losing both of her daughters—because doing nothing would be even more dangerous for her family.

Sky’s desperate search takes her on a journey to the city of Tallyn, the only thriving city after the war with unimaginable wealth and power. Upon her arrival, she discovers that Tallyn is a place plagued by secrets. The rich get even richer, with unlimited resources, while many of the poor live in tent villages in fear of sex traffic rings, organ traffickers, and ruthless gangs that will do anything for a profit. She quickly realizes that saving her sister will take nothing short of a miracle. She struggles with the fact that she is putting other people’s lives in danger and that she must be prepared to do anything—including murder—to save Leila.

Will Sky find a way to save her sister against all the odds?

The story takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of love, jealousy, hypocrisy, and betrayal with a dose of family drama, touching on many of the relevant topics in modern society.

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