by Victoria Wieck

Million Dollar Passion is a roadmap to starting your dream business by unleashing your passion or hobby. Millions of Americans are stuck in jobs they are not passionate about just to pay their bills, and they feel that the American Dream is moving farther and farther away from them. Numerous books on various facets of entrepreneurship, such as marketing for small businesses, starting a business with no money, and starting a side hustle business have sold well on Amazon and in traditional bookstores. Yet, most people who dream of becoming their own boss someday still have their ideas on napkins stuck in drawers or buried deep in their head.

It’s time to turn your American Dream from being your biggest secret to a profitable business so that you can start to live the life you want to live. Million-Dollar Passion shows you concrete and realistic plans that can be executed without a lot of effort, time, or money to turn your business idea into a dream business in seven simple steps. Million-Dollar Passion is NOT a feel good, “you can do it” type of book that gives you not much more than flashes of the great life that can come from building a successful business at the end of your journey. It is a complete step-by-step guide to help you start, grow, and scale your business risk-free, from an embryonic state to a multimillion-dollar business, and you’ll want to take actions to improve your life—immediately.

My own journey, from being a penniless immigrant to building a business with over $500 million in sales, offers readers a fresh and unique approach to starting and building a mega- successful business with high priority on no or low-risk entrepreneurship with priority on family first so that you can build a business around your family time in a global marketplace by using the various time zones to your advantage. I use some of my own businesses—highly successful businesses as well as the ones that failed—as some of the many case studies included in this book.

During my 32 years as the CEO of my company, which includes 23 years of TV retail, I’ve witnessed many paths to success, as well as some of the most common reasons for failure by smart, hardworking entrepreneurs with big dreams. I address the risk of going broke due to lack of business, emphasizing the various tried-and-true methods to attract new customers. This book covers the risk of GROWING broke and how to prevent going bankrupt after you’ve built a highly successful business. Growing too fast without a plan is NOT a good problem to have. Uncontrolled growth without a plan can cause poor inventory management, resulting in piles of dead inventory, bad contracts with large-scale customers, as well as suppliers, shrinking margins, increased competition, and personnel issues.

I earned a BS degree in Economics and an MBA in Finance and Marketing and make a clear distinction between the knowledge that can be applied in a small-business setting vs. knowledge that can be applied only when you’re in a corporate environment where decision makers are taking risks with someone else’s money.

The seven steps in this book are filled with practical tips that can be applied within minutes after reading it, whether you are thinking of starting a business or already have a business that you’d like to grow and scale. It is my hope that Million-Dollar Passion is the first step in the reader’s life-altering journey to emotional fulfillment and financial freedom.

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