Hello, I’m Victoria Wieck, a successful entrepreneur, a TV personality, and the author of the upcoming book, Million Dollar Hobbies, and I am so excited to share with you my journey from a penniless immigrant to building a business that has generated more than $500 million dollars in sales. When I immigrated to America as a teenager from a sleepy little seaside village in South Korea, my life was turned upside down. I didn’t speak one word of English and had to adapt to a new culture and learn to make new friends. Things looked pretty bleak for many years, and I didn’t have a lot going for me, but I never gave up hope. After working various jobs that I hated in corporate America just to pay my bills, I started my company with no inside connection, expertise, or money by turning my passion for jewelry into profits. I am now living my dream life, doing what I love and spending unlimited time with my family without having to worry about money.

I created the Million Dollar Hobbies podcast to share with you how I did it so that you can also turn your passion, hobby, or idea into profits and live your dream life. This is my life’s most important work made into a guidebook for any woman who dares to dream. For the past 23 years, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with so many of you through my TV shows, specifically, 19 years on HSN, and currently on Shop HQ, with the Victoria Wieck Jewelry Collection, and I’m beyond thrilled to be here with you on my podcast. Each week, you will get a dose of inspiration as well as valuable information that you can apply to your life right now to help you achieve the life you are capable of living. You will get tips on how to work less, and get more—more free time, and more money. You will also get expert advice on achieving work / life balance to gain emotional fulfillment and economic freedom, and so much more. I should know, because as I mentioned before, I had nothing, and worked endless hours to climb the corporate ladder, with two young children at home. I truly know what it feels like to keep spinning your wheels faster and faster to get less and less. I was emotionally drained, and physically exhausted, and I knew that I had to step out of my comfort zone and start building a more sustainable future. I will share with you my pearls of wisdom that I’ve learned through expensive and painful mistakes which will save you time and money, as well as some of the secrets to my greatest successes. It’s not going to be easy by any means because the road to success is paved with obstacles, but don’t you worry. That’s why I’m here. You will get all the tools you’ll need to navigate any obstacles you encounter and conquer them like the Boss that you are. From time to time, I will be inviting some fabulous guests with powerful stories of their own journeys to success. So, if you’re working in corporate America searching for work / life balance, or are a stay at home mom, full of ideas but don’t know where to start, then you are in the right place. I will share everything I’ve learned, and whatever I don’t know, I will get an expert who does know to come on the show.

Here is my first tip. Do not believe in myths that get in your way. I’ve had to bust a lot of myths to succeed. Here is my favorite. “You can’t have both money and time, it’s one or the other”. WRONG! You can have it all, a successful career, beautiful family life, money, and time. I will show you how.

We are going to have a blast together.

The Million Dollar Hobbies Show is for you, and all about you!

Thank you for listening.