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Do you have what it takes to author a book? The process doesn’t just end after you’ve written it. You still need to publish and market your book for your message to reach its intended reader or audience. How do you do that? Today’s guest, Mario Fachini, has all the answers you need. Mario is the Founder and CEO of IWDNow Marketing & Publishing. He is a speaker, author, and host of the Expert Authority Interviews Podcast. Joining host Victoria Wieck, Mario discusses the process of how you should think about writing, publishing, and marketing your next book. It all starts with your mentality and purpose. Learn more and get solid expert advice to guide you on your next publication.

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Mario Fachini On What Makes A Good Book And How To Publish It

We all dream of becoming an author and most of us don’t write books. I’ve always wanted to do that and I did end up writing, which is a lot of work. If I thought that that was a lot of work, marketing the book and getting other people to read your book is an even bigger issue. As many of you know, every business owner should write their own books because that’s the easiest way to impact your circle of people that you serve, as well as increase your expert authority.

We’re in such a treat because I have the best person when it comes to marketing your book on the scene. He happens to be somebody who’s helped me with my book. It’s not launched yet but he’s helped me a lot and he’s going to help me through the whole process. His name is Mario Fachini. He’s a bestselling author himself and he’s also the host of a podcast that helps you create your personal branding, elevate and amplify your voice with his publishing expertise. Without further ado, I want to introduce you to my friend Mario. Welcome to the show, Mario.

Victoria, it’s great to be here. I can’t wait to share with your audience.

I was asked to write my story, my journey and a lot of my fans wanted to know how I did it and they want to read my books. Writing a book is scary if you think about it. How long does it take? If I write a book, is anyone going to read it? What do I write? Where do I start? These are all these questions that people have. I know that you have been serving many people. You’ve impacted many lives with your clients but also their clients as well. For those people who are wondering if it is worth all that time, what would you say?

It is worth all that time because you have your expertise. We all have it. Regardless of what it is, most people have years and years of expertise and they do a bunch of different appointments. They go to different meetings and all this manual stuff that’s time-intensive. When someone asks them a question, “What do you do?” they get lit up, “I get to explain what I do to everyone.” No one bats an eyelash at that point. They’ll go on for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, maybe an hour, “Here’s what I do.” They tell their whole life story but it’s very time-intensive.

If you want to talk to 10 people and get 100, 1,000 or 10,000 leads, you have to do that exact process 100 times or 1,000 times. This is where people go, “I don’t do that. I have my team do it.” The thing is now you have a watered-down version of whatever you’re trying to get them to say unless you can clone yourself or duplicate yourself. Even if you do and you do it in the wrong voice, it’s not you coming through. It’s some variation of what you’re trying to say. There’s nothing better than to be able to have your expertise packaged up professionally in a book and hand it to them.

You can print 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 copies. You don’t need to be the one there taking an hour of your time to explain yourself to someone. You have the positioning and it acts as a sales mechanism because, by the time they read your book, they go through all the stuff. Where do you think they are? I call it the Road to Profits. If you meet someone today, it’s going to take some time to get to know them before you want to buy from them.

You have written a bestselling book on that. You have a book about publishing, so you’re publishing a book about publishing. What was it like for you to write your first book? Why did you write your first book?

The book starts with your mentality and purpose. Who are you looking to serve?

To serve more people. I failed English seven times. I’m the last person on Earth who was like, “I want to be a writer, a publisher and do all these different things.” It scared the crap out of me but I knew all the people I could help. Once I thought about it through that lens, I was like, “This is a no-brainer.” That was always my goal.

I understand that you have this desire to help a lot of people, but how do you go from failing English seven times to writing a book, which then became a bestseller? What are the types of things that you had to answer yourself and overcome to start writing? When you start writing, how do you know what to write?

For me, it was more coming and getting past my own mindset because at the end of the day, I had my expertise. We could talk for hours. I was already speaking on it, doing training and helped hundreds of people. In my mind, I have this mountain to climb of “I’m not Hemingway.” I don’t have years and years of writing experience but that doesn’t matter. I had my expertise but in my mind, I’m not qualified because the reality has nothing to do with that, it has to do with my area of expertise.

When I reframe that to say, “This is a no-brainer,” I started thinking about the people I helped, the people I wanted to help, and the stuff I’ve always said. My first book is Video Marketing for Business Owners so I thought about who I helped and how I was helping them. What I love doing with people is the process. How do you create the chapters? There are people that I like having fun with because they’re nowhere near as bad off as I was but there’s still that hesitation.

You’re a jewelry expert. You have over 25 years and sold over $500 million in jewelry and all this stuff. I know you’re a good writer but if for example, you said, “I’m not sure what to write,” I’d say, “Don’t worry about what to write but talk to me about jewelry. How do you start? How do you pick out the design? How do you do this? How do you pick up the color, clarity and carat? What are these things you’re thinking about?”

I’m confident that within five minutes, I could get your wheels turning and get you so excited talking about it. It flows out of you. When you can capture that, your essence and your expertise, that’s all you need to do, truthfully. You need the cover, the title, the subtitle and all this other stuff. At the end of the day, we’ve gotten good at capturing entrepreneurs’ expertise and then we can take care of the rest. Once we have that, it’s a done deal.

What I heard you say is you failed English seven times. I asked that question repeatedly for a reason because many of us think that we’re not great writers. Many of us think that writing is a separate expertise. We think about ourselves as designers, engineers or health experts but we don’t think of ourselves as good enough writers to write, even if we wanted to write the book. What you were saying is that with your first book, what you were trying to do was to convey information. It wasn’t about flowery writing or beautiful language writing. It has to do with sharing valuable information and adding value to other people and their businesses.

I took a look at your book that hasn’t been released yet. What struck me was the 7 Ps. You’re going to have to go through the 7 Ps because I can’t remember all of it. I’m a couple of years older than you. The first P was the Purpose. I love that because when we start writing, a lot of us forget why we’re writing. You have all this but you forget why you’re writing. The purpose to me is important because when you start with that, then the rest of that stuff flows. Your purpose isn’t like, “I want to be a New York Times Bestseller,” so it’s going to be an ego booster. The purpose of your book in your first and second book is to help your audience. If you’re going to do that, then the book will be rich with that purpose like all the things that fulfill that purpose. Wouldn’t you say that’s true?

I harp on this a lot because I’m so adamant. Many people and other publishers say, “We can get your book on Amazon.” It’s frankly not that hard. They focus on the cover, the ISBN and what format it is, “Should I do Kindle or paperback?” These are questions you should ask but they’re not the right questions coming out of the gate. I take a different approach and always have. The book starts with your mentality, the purpose, who are you looking to serve. There’s a lot of vanity publishing out there. People can do whatever they want. I’m going to behave but I’ve always wanted to help people and that’s who I attract.

MDH 36 | Publish A Book

Publish A Book: There’s nothing better than to be able to have your expertise packaged up professionally in a book. You don’t need to be the one there taking an hour of your time just to explain yourself to someone.


The people who apply for my author program in the concierge level, if I get the littlest bit of sense that they don’t want to serve people, it’s definitely not a good fit and I’ve turned down a lot of people. If you don’t have your vision and your purpose clearly identified, what’s the point of doing the rest? If you’re looking for something to hand out to someone, you don’t need to do a professional book. You can do a lead magnet, which is the marketing term to create a 2 to 3 page, maybe a digital PDF. It can look nice, where you put it on your website, people download it and they give you an email opt-in. That’s a totally different purpose and it’s infinitely easier to do.

When you identify the purpose and you say, “I’ve been doing this for 5, 10, 20 years or maybe longer. I’m serving 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 people and I want to now serve 10,000, 100,000, 1 million-plus, maybe 10 million,” it gives you a different frame of doing this all through. To me, it’s the commitment level. How much do you want to invest in this? Just like cars, houses, businesses and everything, there are bad ones and good ones.

Getting it done is not rocket science, especially with me and my team but I always make sure we’re in alignment so that way we know, “You want to do this in a big way to serve more people, all we need to do is to answer some questions. Tell me about your business. What about this?” We go through a process of pulling that out of people and extracting the expertise. It’s an actual thing that you can use. It’s a business asset. The book we’re referring to, Video Marketing for Business Owners, was years ago. I still get royalties from that. I’m still able to give it to people and help them with video marketing.

We’re on video and I’m implementing some of this stuff at this moment that I’ve been teaching for years. When I was able to wrap my head around that I go, “I want to help more people. I want to do it in a bigger way and make it easier and profitable.” There we go with the best written, easier and profitable. The book says bestselling, not best written.

I pulled up the chapter headings here. I wasn’t playing with my phone but it’s easier to see it here. Your first chapter was Purpose and I love that. I’m going to go through the seven quickly here, Position, Plan, Publish, Publicity, Profit and Philanthropy. It’s simple. For those of you who are thinking about writing a book or maybe you haven’t thought about it but you’re seriously thinking about this as a result of the show, the framework is simple. You got the 7 Ps.

These are well thought out. I know this because I’ve written a book myself. It’s very easy to get involved in the idea that you want to do a bestselling. The whole world is full of people. I’ve run into a lot of people that guaranteed me Amazon Bestseller status. I then found out that in some categories, depending on how you categorize your thing, you may have to sell twenty books to get to the bestselling category for that day.

You might only need to sell 8 to 12, to be honest with you.

If the purpose of you writing a book is more ego-driven, even if you’re going to be marketing yourself and you say, “I want to be able to say it’s a bestselling book,” that was your purpose. Do you then enrich it with content that might serve a few thousand people? That’s why I said the purpose was very important. The second thing is positioning your book. That’s also important because there are so many books out there. There are millions of books. You may not know this but a typical Barnes & Noble store has 100,000 titles. If you think about that, that’s a lot of books. You want to be able to position that book in the minds of the people that you serve.

The root word of authority is author.

The other thing thats important is planning. You wouldn’t plan on going on a trip to Europe for three weeks. In my family, I’d planned out a year ahead. You wouldn’t plan on having a dinner party for twelve people. You wouldn’t just call people. You would plan. You would figure out what day, what are you going to serve, who’s going to be there, that kind of thing.

A book launch is something that needs to be planned out ahead of time. You don’t write a book and go, “I have the book. An agent or whoever, come and take a look at my book.” I’ve gone through this whole process and I can tell you that even if you’re going to go through a whole publishing route, they always want to know what your marketing plan is before they’ll entertain and talk to you at all.

Many people think everything is wrapped up in the book. I’ve said for years, the book is just the beginning and the book is not even the beginning. The beginning is telling people about it. I’m glad you brought that up because the 7 Ps are Purpose, Position, Plan, Publish, Publicity, Profit and Philanthropy. Purpose, you need to know why you’re doing it. If you just want to do something quick, dirty and have it out there for lead opt-in, so be it. I know other publishers that never have printed a book.

The whole benefit of doing it properly is to be able to hand it to someone and the authority that comes with that. Everyone has digital stuff. For Position, one of my other rules is you need to be at a certain level already. I’m not going to take someone who’s doing stuff wrong, who has two testimonials or brand new. Good for you for getting those two but get 5 or 10 more. Do it for a little bit. There are people who say, “We’re going to position you. Do a book with me and I’ll make you the expert.” Doing a book won’t make you an expert. It just means you have a book. I work with people who are already at a certain level of success and are already experts. I help them market and amplify that if that makes sense.

The Plan, when you’re going on a trip or somewhere, you got to plan this out. That’s why Publish is number four. I joke all the time. If you can do an email attachment, there are about 30 or 40 buttons on Amazon but you’re just uploading a file and then it goes through the spending process. You wait 24 to 72 hours. Voila, you’re published. That’s not publishing. That’s uploading a document.

With the Publicity and the Profit, you need to market it from day one. The first thing I tell everyone whether they go through our guided training where we’re working with them or the concierge level where we do it for them, they’re like, “What do I need to do? How many do I need to order?” I go, “You need to announce to everyone right now, today, as soon as you can that you’re publishing a book.” You can’t be doing that the day before. You have to do it from the time you commit to it and then fill in the gaps.

I want to go back a little bit about this whole process. It’s going to put everything in context for all of you who are reading. Many of you who are reading have small businesses. Mario, you do a lot of small to medium size and CEOs who are writing their books about their journey, their company or their product. I want to tell you that writing your story, why you do what you do, the purpose of your company, the genesis of what your products are, how they were born and what it does, all of that may be the most important asset that you have.

If you’re a small company, you can’t be competing with the IBMs, the Coca-Colas and all those big companies. Having that niche and having your story told is one of the best assets that you have. I say this to you because a lot of people have told me that my journey of going from a penniless immigrant to creating well over $500 million worth of business is extraordinary. I never believed that. I never believed that I’m an extraordinary person or my story was extraordinary and the struggles I went through were any more unique than any other immigrant coming here.

What happened to me at the end was during COVID, I thought, “Maybe I should write the book.” Everybody’s hurting. If the information that I share helped just one person, it will be worth it to me. If I don’t tell my story, I’m not making it convenient for people to help themselves. Many of you are sitting there thinking, “I don’t know if it’s something I might want to do later on.” If you truly have expertise in something that you are passionate about, then you almost owe it to your potential audience to write that book.

MDH 36 | Publish A Book

Publish A Book: You have this opportunity to help thousands of people, and you’re focused on the handful that you’re currently talking to. Step away from it and realize you can now spread your message faster and further.


You could say it’s a little controversial but I’ve done coaching in addition to speaking for so long. When I’m reading people, I can tell there’s something more going on. I’ve said this to many of my authors and they’re like, “What about this and that?” There are people who want to do a book. It’s called Vanity Publishing. They want to just, “Look at me.” It’s ego-driven. On the flip side of that, there are people who have the biggest hearts. They do have expertise but they’re so timid. It’s also ego-driven. Inevitably, at some point in the process, I have to say, “Why are you being so selfish?” It’s the worst thing for them. They’re like, “What do you mean?”

I go, “Every problem you’re telling me you’re having that you think you do and it’s all in your head is all based on caring so much about what other people are thinking. You have this opportunity to help thousands, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands or more people, and you’re focused on the handful that you’re currently talking to. Step away from it. Realize that you can spread your message faster and further.” They’re like, “I never thought about that.”

I go, “What if you get sick? What if you’re not here? I don’t wish that on anyone but even the legacy piece. What do you do after you’re gone?” I’m so glad I have my show, my books and everything. There’s probably no one that if you watched, listened or read a certain amount, without ever meeting me, they could tell who I am. I’m very thankful for that because so many people go to their grave with the song inside of them and that’s the real travesty, regardless of what business you’re in.

I’ve modeled my book based on a story that somebody told me about his book. This guy was incredibly passionate about what he does for a living. He’s a jeweler. He did a lot of things. He’s got his little briefcase, did all the calls, knocked on the doors, worked with the tools, and did all this stuff. His kids decided that the last thing they wanted to do is get into their business. They’re all educated. They’re doctors, lawyers and dentists. He said, “What if I die tomorrow? What would happen to my business?”

He was hoping that at least one of those kids would want to follow in his footsteps and if they ever wanted to follow in his footsteps, what would he teach them because they weren’t listening to him? He wrote a little memo to his kids about anything and everything that he felt they needed to learn if anybody ever wanted to come into it. It’s almost like a manual. He wrote it and eventually, he published it. It became a good seller. One of his kids did inherit the business. He’s very happy.

This guy’s business is about $40 million business. It’s not a small business anymore. Even though the kid that took it over was a dentist, money-wise, it was better to do this business than his thing. You almost owe it to anybody and everybody around your circle to write and share if you’re privileged enough to have discovered something or have come up with a framework that works for a lot of people to share that information. As long as you’re going to share that information, you would then have the duty to write the best book you can, and then to reach out to as many people as you can.

My story was I had to talk into writing the book because I don’t like to talk about myself. I’m a pretty humble person. I’m not a braggadocious person so I truly didn’t believe that whatever I did was extraordinary. I then realized that you don’t have to be an extraordinary person to have an amazing story. Everybody’s stories are valuable. Everybody has a story and that story needs to be told and preserved because you could serve other people. We all have unique gifts that we come to this Earth with. When I started to write my book, I was thinking, “How do I market the book?”

When I went into looking for marketing the book, that’s when I went into some of the most fraudulent or misleading marketing tactics. The book marketing business is a huge business and there are a lot of people that guarantee everything in the world. Thank God, I have some common sense because what I know about life is there are no guarantees in life. When people start to guarantee things, I get a little gun shy about what do they know that I don’t know. Do they have expertise? How much is that guarantee worth?

If you don’t have your vision and your purpose clearly identified, what’s the point of doing the rest?

Anything worthwhile, you need to do it well and it takes some pain. The more I dug into that, the more I was careful. When I first ran into you was with my book. All of the advice that you have given me has been incredibly valuable. You were also brutally honest about what you will do, what you won’t do, what’s going to work and what’s not going to work. Ultimately, it saves time for people.

First of all, I encourage everyone to write your story because your story is worthwhile telling. Not only that, you want to tell your story but you want to tell it in a way that resonates with your target audience. When you do that, that becomes your big asset. It becomes your calling card. There’s a marketing belief system that most people in marketing would agree with. That is people have to like you, trust you, and respect you before they’ll buy anything from you.

When you write the book, you have so many opportunities there to build that trust and audience. If you’re writing a book and you’re writing with certain expertise and fact, that’s evergreen. You have to worry about things like, “Can I be sued for this? Is this information truly true?” You go through all of that stuff. When you write your story, you can write an interesting story, something that’s memorable that gains respect, and that will elevate and amplify your voice.

You have to do that only one time and you get to say it a million times. If you sold a million copies, you’re going to be able to say that exact thing a million times. It becomes your bestselling asset. Not only that, but it also crystallizes your branding a little bit. More than anything, what I love about the 7 Ps that you’ve given, at least the first 3 or 4 Ps is that it makes you the author and think about your business too. When you have to write it, it makes you think about, “Why am I not doing this? I should have been doing this. I didn’t realize this is why people come to my store or this is why people go to my business.”

It makes you think and makes you have a fresh look at your business as well, even though you’ve been doing it. That’s what happened to me. When I wrote my book, I realized that I saw a lot of benefits that people could get from me that I had not thought about before. When people started asking me, “You should have a chapter on negotiating.” I’m like, “Really?” It makes you think about that.

I’m glad that you brought that up because the other thing is I love authors. If you have a book that is published and you took the time to do right, it tells me you’re mentally at a different level. The root word of authority is author. There are people who think about doing it. They might do a LinkedIn post, a Facebook thing or a social media thing. That’s easy because there’s no priority given to it. There’s no elegance given to it necessarily. When you have to open yourself up and be vulnerable enough to say, “I’m putting this out to the world,” I can’t rebuke it. I can’t do a rebuttal in real-time like how we’re having a conversation. It’s one reason why a lot of people stay with the one-on-one and never get to a higher level.

You can easily go, “I didn’t mean it like that. What I meant was this.” You can clarify yourself seventeen different times in that conversation and still have it end up well. When you’re going, “Here’s me. Here’s the book. You can look through it. You can read it,” I might never get a chance to talk to you and I have to do the same persuasion, selling, sharing and making it cohesive, it freaks most people out. If you do it and you do it well, your confidence level goes through the roof. I booked a dozen or two speaking engagements before the book was even launched just from saying, “I’m doing the book.”

I showed some people the first one decades ago. I was bittersweet because I go, “This thing isn’t even out yet and my life’s already better because of it.” Moreover, I was also a little irritated because that’s what I had been speaking on for 6, 7, 8 years at that point and no one asked me to come to speak or do anything. It was the same info but now I have a book. I’m this author. I’m this guy. I went from the one attending the events to the one speaking at them. It was surreal when I was speaking next to the same people I looked up to not just a couple of years ago.

It gave me the confidence to go, “This is you. You can do it. Forget the past. Don’t worry about that, no matter where you’re at.” It changes everything. It’s more of an internal process. I’m not going to make jokes about covers and ISBN because you do need it and stuff, but that’s not what the publishing is. That’s not how I do it and what a book is. A book is an extension of you. If you’re a good person, you’ll love it and if you’re not, you’re probably going to back away from it.

MDH 36 | Publish A Book

Publish A Book: If you actually have a book that is published that you took the time to do, it tells that you’re mentally at a different level.


I’m glad that we went through the whole publishing system because I personally know a lot of people that should write a book that haven’t done it because of this whole maze of inflammation jungle when it comes to the publishing side of it. It is a jungle. I’m glad that you can help people clarify because there are seven simple steps. The other thing that I love too is the last one in your 7 Ps, which is Philanthropy. I like that because to me writing a book is already philanthropic. I’ll tell you why I believe this. The most important gift you can give anybody is your knowledge and your time.

I have a TV show. It’s a known fact that on TV, we have to perform on dollars per minute and it’s several thousand dollars a minute. I could easily make money by going on TV. If I wanted to make money and that was a reason why the purpose was to make more money publishing books, it’d be stupid for me to write a book that takes you a year to write and publish. It’s not a good ROI on your time or your expertise.

It’s by gifting your expertise and the amount of time it took to write the book, come through every Is and T’s, and verifying all the information you’re giving. If I’m quoting any stats, you have to cite sources, the date of publication and all that. That alone took me months to do all that. It’s already philanthropic to share your knowledge and if you’re selling your books for $9 or $10 apiece at a time. After that, if you are successful, your knowledge is a gift to somebody else. That to me is also important.

Lastly, my book is tied to different charities. Not all the proceeds but a lot of it is going to go to the charities that I support. It allows you to do all these things. It allows you to be a better person because you’re impacting other people. A lot of people, if you give them 2, 3, 4 pieces of information, they take it and they will come up with six other things that you didn’t know. This is truly a blessing to be helped and it’s also a blessing to help other people. I feel that if you do it right, you’re doing it for the right purpose, you plan it thoroughly and do all the right things, I can’t think of anything better that you could do for your business or yourself than authoring a book.

I get torn with that because we both have successful shows, businesses and stuff we can do. Admittedly, my first book is Video Marketing for Business Owners so the question I get is, “I want to start a podcast, do a book, a show, a video and do this.” There’s so much out there that you can do that everyone wants to do it. If you’re ambitious, why wouldn’t you? Straight up. When you look at the time, energy and investment, I can make a strong case because to your point, if you’re making thousands of dollars a minute and you’re making 6,7, 8 figures a year, what’s your time worth?

To take a year or two to extrapolate this out is why I never put my program to do it that way. We take you through much quicker because it’s business and I want that book in people’s hands so you can help those people. Think about that extra 1, 1.5, 2 years. What kind of reach can you gain in that time? To the point of the podcasting, video and all the other stuff, the podcasting, unless you do it as a season one of a TV show, 12, 16, 24 episodes and you’re done, which wouldn’t have any longevity but it might be a good show, you have to keep doing it.

Podcast gets a knockdown. I have a great show, EA Interviews. It’s a little surreal to say but even over the podcasting, once you’re done with the book, you can hit print thousands of times. Once it’s done, you’re done. In video, you also have to keep doing, even though they’re all great and you should do all three.

This is coming from somebody who has a successful podcast. The podcasting industry has a 90% or 95% failure rate within the first two years. Mario has a podcast called EA Interviews, which stands for Expert Authority Interviews. His podcast is a Top 100 business or entrepreneurship podcast. That’s amazing.

A book is an extension of you. If you’re a good person, you’ll love it. If you’re not, you’re probably going to back away from it.

The other thing I want to talk to our audience about too is your first book was about video marketing. That had to have been so far ahead of its time. Video marketing is the craze out there. There are mastermind classes everywhere about how to use video to influence people. Video influencing is coming into play and yet you’ve written a book, published it and became a bestselling author. All of this stuff with your first book already.

Imagine that if you bought his book when that was published and you implemented some of that stuff, you’re probably coaching that mastermind classes on the video marketing part of this, which is valuable. Thank you for coming on this show, Mario. Are you accepting pitches? If you’re accepting pitches, you could check out his podcast as well.

We always are.

Tell us how people get ahold of you.

The best place to learn more is at

His podcast is called EA interviews. It’s on YouTube. Check out his YouTube videos. His video setup is like CNBC Studios. It’s better than any newsroom. It looks like he’s got all this stuff happening. He pretty much visually shows you the quality of his video production and everything else that you can do pretty easily on your own. Thank you so much for coming. I wish you all the success. I purchased a bunch of several copies of your hardcopy books because I want to help do my part to pass that around to people that can impact the world as well.

I appreciate that, Victoria. It was an absolute pleasure. I’m happy to answer any other questions with your audience. I want them to realize they need to have their message out there too. It doesn’t help anyone in the world keeping your light hidden.

Thank you so much. I always say to all of you, happiness is your choice so I hope you make great choices. Until then, please stay healthy and happy. I’ll see you next time.

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MDH 36 | Publish A BookAs a high school educated, college dropout, never having a “real” job, Mario spent years as a dead-broke consultant wasting too much time chasing down (the wrong) clients, believing in my heart that the sky’s the limit, but waking up every day feeling like because of his background, for him, the limits the sky.

Until he refined & enhanced the publishing & promotion process of his 1st books to attract prospects to him, with little effort using the tools & knowledge that he already had in his business at his everyday disposal!

Now, He’s one of the most in-demand client acquisition strategists in the country, having clients now APPLY for his training, thank him for the opportunity to work with him, and sharing in the joy of creating the transformation in their business ***( which he consistently and continues to do in 59 days or less )*** having helped his clients in total generate over $1 million in new sales.