Victoria shines a light on Emma, a friend who turned an unfathomable betrayal info a gift. She handled her painful betrayal into a gift.

Celeste Hilling is the founder and CEO of Skin Authority, which revolutionized the skin care industry. Skin Authority delivers the key ingredients your skin needs and delivers it in precise doses that your skin care needs. She shares her extensive knowledge about skincare.

In this episode, Victoria shares her interview on The My Future Business Show with host Rick Nuske. Victoria shares what she had to do to achieve a balance between working and living life, and the techniques she uses to overcome personal and professional obstacles. The key is family, tenacity and persistence, and having a very clear idea of what you want to achieve in your life and in business.

Victoria Wieck contributes the explosive growth of her business to $500 million, in part, to her negotiating skills. As our world moves toward the new normal, everything is up for negotiation. Victoria shares the secret sauce to negotiating what you want out of life.

Holly Perkins is a fitness guru, had been featured in magazines like SELF, Shape, Women’s Health, Prevention.  She has trained many celebrities including Howard Stern. She is the author of the best-selling book, Lift to Get Lean, and is the creator of the Nutrition Project.

Victoria Wieck shares her pro tips on dealing with difficult people. She has faced difficult people throughout her career and shows you how to deal with them. Victoria takes out all the guesswork and shares her top 5 tips on the subject.

A trip to Thailand, exploring the culture and the foods, Daniel Green realized that you don’t have to lose the flavor in order to lose the weight. The ingredients they were using inspired him to cook, which became his passion and in return began his career as chef and author.  Listen as we discuss the joy of cooking with simple ingredients, not denying yourself in order to obtain your goals and always follow what know you are good at to achieve your dreams.

Kelly Falardeau is a best-selling author, a burn survivor with over 75% of her body, and a top-ten most influential speaker. Kelly’s journey from a victim to a survivor, a highly business owner, keynote speaker, and an advocate shows how one woman’s determination help heal and change lives. Kelly is an author of 7 books, and spends full time helping others share their stories by helping them become best-selling authors.

Victoria Wieck shares practical tips on smart ways to help your business survive the challenges of 2021, and beyond. She shows how two different businesses have successfully pivoted their businesses to not only survive the unique, and deeply painful challenges of 2021, but to thrive no matter what comes next.

Michele Lau is an icon in the Shopping TV industry with over 20 years of live tv performances. Millions of women who have watched her on TV do not know that Michele is legally blind, and what type of preparation she does for each show. In today’s episode, she details her amazing journey of overcoming obstacles and achieving success against all the odds.